I am very fortunate: I was born in a little paradise. Bathed by the salt water and the sun of the Mediterranean, ACROLLAM is my homeland. I grew up among vines, barrels and grapes, and the years have led me to believe that there are no coincidences (in Catalan, “casualitats”), only causalities. We live in SYNCHRONY (‘SINCRONIA’) and nothing happens by accident.

At a moment when I had neither SÒTIL (ceiling) nor TRISPOL (floor), I decided to strike out on my new path, MESQUIDA MORA, because the ‘coincidences’ of life are only the tip of an iceberg called destiny.

After converting our vineyards to biodynamic cultivation six years ago, a new adventure begins now with the production of a series of wines that express the potential of a vine that is healthier, more alive, more authentic.

The glasses are served: let’s drink to this new challenge.

Bàrbara Mesquida-Mora